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How are eggs produced? Are eggs vegetarian?

  • Contrary to various myths that hens lay eggs because they are given hormones or feed etc. laying of an egg by a hen is a common ovulation cycle like any other species. Healthy hens lay an egg about every 25-28 hours. That means about 6 eggs a week.
  • These eggs are not fertilised since roosters are not kept with the hens. Eggs would be fertile only if roosters were kept with them. Therefore, these eggs can safely be considered as vegetarian.
  • Yes, eggs are considered to be vegetarian according to food experts click here for more info.

What is the difference between white and brown eggs?

There is actually no nutritional difference between brown and white eggs. Although one may think it is the same concept as brown bread, rice, or spaghetti, but in the case of eggs, the colour of eggs is only an indication of the breed of the chicken that is producing it. Only the top layer of the egg shell is different, the rest of the contents are fully identical.

Why are we called Golden Eggs?

We call ourselves Golden Eggs for three reasons:

(a) We have the richest golden yolks in the UAE (due to the golden corn we feed to our hens).

(b) We were the first egg farm in Dubai, which is also referred to as the city of gold.

(c) We keep our hens in golden healt

How long are eggs good for?

If eggs are clean, intact, and stored under a temperature of 4-6 °C, with a relative humidity of 60%, they will remain good for around 90 days. However, since eggs are fragile, they are best consumed when fresh. We recommend you to consume eggs as soon as possible after purchasing them. Always buy freshest eggs available on shelf and always keep eggs refrigerated after purchase.

What Are Organic Eggs?

Organic eggs are produced following the old conventional way when we used to have hens in our backyards running around and feeding on natural food available to them. In modern times organic eggs are produced in the same way and are fed with only certified organic feed. In UAE to get products certified as ‘organic’ the Ministry of Climate Change monitors, audits and issues certificate through Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology – ESMA. Please ensure you see this official organic logo authorities when buying organic eggs, provided by the UAE.

How Can You Tell If Eggs Are Fresh?

Check the date printed on the eggs. If, for some reason, you are unable to see the expiry date, then conduct a water test to determine the freshness of an egg. Put eggs in a container of water. If the egg sinks this means egg is heavy and FRESH but if the egg floats that means its inside content have evaporated creating air space inside which denotes that the egg is old.

Also when a fresh egg is broken the egg white would be viscous cloudy and yolk would be high. If egg white spreads out like water and yolk is not high that means egg is old or not stored in required conditions.

To be sure, always crack the egg open. If it looks or smells bad, dispose of it immediately.

Why do we see blood in eggs sometimes? Are they safe to consume?

Blood or meat spots are occasionally found in the yolk of an egg. These spots are not indicative of a fertilized egg or any abnormality or bad quality. Blood spots are caused by a possible rupture in the ovarian blood vessels of a hen during the formation of an egg. Large scanners are often used to identify eggs with blood spots and remove them from being distributed, however, it is unlikely that these scanners are able to identify each and every one of these eggs. Eating eggs with blood spots is not harmful in any way, simply remove the blood spots with a spoon or knife before cooking. Click here or here for more information. Brown eggs are more prone to have blood spots than the white ones.

How are DHA/ Lutein eggs produced?

DHA & Lutein Eggs are nutritionally enriched eggs. These are produced by feeding hens with feed rich in DHA Omega3 fatty acids and / or Lutein.

What is the difference between regular eggs & DHA Omega-3 eggs?

Unlike regular eggs, Omega 3 eggs have all 3 types of Omega-3 fatty acids, namely: DHA, EPA & ALA, all in much higher quantity than in regular eggs. Our DHA Omega-3 eggs also have a higher concentration of vitamin E, organic selenium and other vitamins. They have a lower cholesterol level than the regular eggs Additionally, the Omega 3 fatty acids are known to offer multiple health benefits such us: healthier blood lipid profile, healthier heart, blood vessels, and may help in pre and post-natal depression.

Do eggs cause cholesterol concerns?

New studies have suggested that dietary cholesterol has no direct correlation to blood cholesterol (according to and the Cleveland Health Clinic. The American Heart Association has even recommended that heart patients consume one egg a day (see here). However, please consult your doctor for better advice.

What is the most efficient way to peel a hard-boiled egg?

Some may find that the fresher the egg is, the more difficult it is to peel. This is because the albumen (the egg white) tends to stick to the outer membrane. As an egg ages its contents shrink, making them easier to peel. However, fresh or older this method could be quite helpful: for tips on how to peel boiled eggs more easily.

Want to know more about our eggs?

Where can we order eggs?

We’re happy to bring to you our WhatsApp delivery service (click here). Free delivery and no minimum purchase. Now order fresh eggs straight from the farm, with same day delivery for Dubai & Sharjah, and next day delivery for all other Emirates.

Where can we find online ordering prices?

If you want to order our eggs online, but don’t have the information, you can either chat with us on WhatsApp or click here to find out about product options, price ranges, and more!

What are the products you provide?

If you want to order our eggs online, but don’t have the information, you can either chat with us on WhatsApp or click here to find out about product options, price ranges, and more!

WDo you have free delivery?

Yes! All you need to do is chat with us to place your order here.

Is there a minimum charge for WhatsApp orders?

No, there is no minimum charge. You can order as little as you want, or as much as you want without worrying about whether it’s enough for us to deliver to you.

Do you deliver across the UAE?

We deliver to any location across the UAE.

Same day delivery for Dubai & Sharjah and next day delivery for all other Emirates.